"Computergames, internet and constructionism"

Article on the learning experiences of playing computer-games and the influence of constructionism in today's thinking about education, published in NRC Handelblad, 2003


"stories without words"

International (pilot) project with a constructionist approach to learning, in which children learn to communicate through images rather than language,, 2003-2004


'thinkquest' websites

Websites developed by 6th grade students of the Groeterschool in Holland in the years 2005 through 2007 within the framework of the national Thinkquest website building competition.


school websites

Websites I designed and (partially) webmastered between 2005 and 2007 for primary schools with special emphasis on their educational usefulness and possibilities for school - parent  communication


Family Names

A project for 5th graders I developed with the Alkmaar Regional Archives around the history of the childrens' family names, based upon both excursion and internet reseach, 2006.       NB: ONLY AVAILABLE IN DUTCH

Portrait photography

A creative project for 4th through 6th graders,  aimed at teaching portrait photography and basic  digital photo editing skills (using paintshop pro software) with the emphasis on fun and discovery, 2007

Film lessons NIF

Film educational lessons for 2nd and 3d graders, developed for NIF (Dutch Institute for Film Education)'s 'Klassefilm' film series which primary schools can participate in during the 2007-2008 schoolyear.




thinkquestteam 2006



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